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At TAME, we're transforming alternative medicine experiences by bringing the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda & Yoga to our clients
Our focus on Ayurvedic medicine and othe modalities allows us to provide our customers with natural remedies and holistic solutions that promote overall health and wellness.
“As a mum my children's health and happiness is my main priority. My son had chronic digestion issues for years. We had tried everything, numerous Doctors, Paediatric Specialist and surgeons, which all came back with temporary solutions and his issues would just come back.
After being fed up of the amount of money I was spending to receive the same diagnosis, I decided to try a different approach.
After booking in with Tamara, she came up with solutions quickly, which were all holistic, long term, and most importantly, practical!
Her advice has helped my son live without any chronic digestion issues ever since! He is like a new kid, and we will be forever grateful that we found Tamara!”


"Her advice has helped my son live without any chronic digestion issues"

"I found Tamara after years of health issues that no one could help fix! After seeing numerous Specialists and Doctors I never found a solution, and never truely felt heard.
I was sceptical when I first reached out to Tamara, as I had search for years to find a solution without
However after our first session I felt relief aand hope for the future! Tamara so genuinely cares and want to help in anyway she can. Her solutions were spot on! I was actually in disbelief...
It's been more than a year now since we first spoke, and I am so happy with the outcome. My body is working the way it should, and my mind it now at ease.
If I was to ever have any health issues arise for myself or my family, I would seek her advice in a heartbeat! I highly recommend!"


"Tamara's soutions were spot on! I was actually In Disbelief!"

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